Finishing Kit by The Urban Detailer Finish Kit
Finishing Kit by The Urban Detailer Finish Kit
Finishing Kit by The Urban Detailer Finish Kit

Finishing Kit

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Dull paintwork? Are you after a finish on your vehicle as though it has just rolled out of the showroom? Then look no further than this finishing kit, reviving the shine on your vehicle.

Once your car has been freshly washed, start off with Awaken to restore your vehicle’s paintwork, removing and rectifying any light defects. Mirror Finish would be the next step for sealing and protecting your paintwork. Mirror Finish will provide a base coat of wax that will last between 2-3 months. Finish off with Slick to revive the dulled plastic and bring some life back into those tyres. Together this trio renews your vehicle’s look, restoring that showroom shine!

This kit contains:
1x Mirror Finish Spray Wax 500ml 
Mirror Finish is the ideal solution for effortlessly adding a layer of protection to your vehicle’s paint work in one, quick and easy application. Mirror Finish is a spray and wipe solution, which achieves that high gloss result and protective carnauba wax layer. Perfect for use in between carnauba wax coats.

1x Awaken – All-in-One Polish 500ml 
Awaken is the ultimate all-in-one polish, perfect for restoring your vehicle’s paintwork. It contains special abrasives and fillers to remove and rectify any light defects in your paintwork. Awaken is infused with the finest grade carnauba wax, resulting in an extremely high-gloss finish and offers long term protection.

1x Slick - Tyre Dressing 500ml 
Slick restores the look of your tyres, making them stand out from the crowd. Specifically formulated to be fast drying, it makes for the ultimate finishing product. Slick is perfect for use on tyres, rubber trim and plastics. Not only does it provide a fresh new look but also a protective layer.

1x Crystal Clear - Glass Cleaner 500ml

1x Glass Cloth - 40cm x 40cm

1x Luxury Microfibre Cloth 40cm x 40cm / 300 GSM 
The Luxury Microfibre Cloth is an essential multipurpose cloth. It's great for applying detailers and waxes as well as buffing to reveal a shine. It truly is an essential piece of kit that no detailer can go without. 

1x Plush Microfibre Cloth 40cm x 40cm / 450 GSM 
Our Plush Microfibre Cloth is an extremely high-quality cloth used for both buffing and drying. With deep plush fibres on one side and a shorter pile on the other, it makes this cloth a very versatile tool in a detailer's arsenal.

1x Tyre Dressing Applicator Sponge - Tyre Dressing Sponge 
Tyre Dressing Applicator evenly applies Slick to your tyres, leaving that perfect coverage. The absorbent, durable sponge is quick and easy to use, making the application of tyre dressing extremely effortless. The grey area of the applicator is soft and mouldable meaning the applicator glides over the ridges on the tyres, whilst the green section is firmer making it easier to hold whilst applying.  

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