Carnauba Conclusion Wax Kit by The Urban Detailer
Carnauba Conclusion Wax Kit by The Urban Detailer
Mirror Finish Spray Wax by The Urban Detailer
Mirror Finish Spray Wax by The Urban Detailer
Urbanize Quick Detailer by The Urban Detailer
Plush Microfibre Cloth by The Urban Detailer
Carnauba Conclusion Wax Kit by The Urban Detailer

Carnauba Conclusion

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It’s all about the Carnauba Conclusion. The carnauba wax infused within these products provides a deep gloss shine, complete protection from the sun and helps repel water. Together, this mighty trio will provide a deep, clear colour and outstanding mirror finish to your vehicle.
Step 1: Cleanse with AWAKEN. 
If you run your hand over your car after you've freshly washed it, you may find that the paint is rough and bumpy to the touch. That's because there are small imperfections bonded to the surface of your paint - detracting from that beautiful deep gloss finish. We've created Awaken, an all-in-one polish designed to remove surface contaminants, fill in light imperfections and lay an initial layer of Carnauba Wax.
  • Quickly remove contaminants from the surface of your paint.
  • Reduce the appearance of light marks using high-tech fillers.
  • Seamlessly apply an initial layer of Carnauba Wax whilst polishing.
Some waxes are incredibly difficult to use. You struggle to spread them evenly across the panels, and if you leave them too long, prove incredibly difficult to buff off. Doing the whole car becomes a real workout.
Mirror Finish, the second product in our system is a specially formulated spray wax designed to make waxing your car quick and easy whilst providing incredible results. Since it is a liquid, it spreads evenly using our mist spray. Buffing off is a breeze using our 450gsm buffing cloth - you hardly break a sweat. Mirror Finish is infused with the finest grade Carnauba Wax to offer a deep gloss finish.
  • Evenly coat each panel with wax using our mist sprayer.
  • Easily buff off within seconds due to our specially formulated liquid wax.
  • Incredibly deep glossy shine with amazing reflective properties.
Step 3: Maintain with URBANIZE.
Urbanize is a Carnauba wax infused quick detailer, perfect for use as a maintenance spray to top up the high gloss shine between washes. Great to remove watermarks after washing or rain, remove grubby fingerprints and light layers of dust.
  • Effortlessly top us gloss levels with the Carnauba wax infused quick detailer.
  • Remove watermarks after washing or periods of rain.
  • Get rid of grubby fingerprints and light layers of dust.
This kit contains:
1x Urbanize - Quick Detailer 500ml - RRP.  £8.95
1x Mirror Finish Spray Wax 500ml - RRP.  £10.95
1x Awaken – All-in-One Polish 500ml – RRP. £9.95
1x Plush Microfibre Cloth - 40cm x 40cm, 450g/m² - RRP.  £3.45.
(RRP) Total Kit Value: £33.30