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Advanced Wash Kit

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Advanced Wash Kit. Kitted out with all the essentials you’ll need to conduct a complete wash of your vehicle, including body, wheels and windows!

This it contains:
1x Ablution - Ceramic Shampoo 500ml
1x Cherry Bomb - Alloy Wheel Cleaner 500ml
1x Deep Freeze pH Neutral Snow Foam 1L
1x Hydro Barrier Ceramic Rinse Aid 1L
1x Universe All Purpose Cleaner 1L
1x Spark Road Grime Remover 1L
1x TARminate Glue & Tar Remover 500ml
1x Violet Storm - Iron Remover 500ml
1x Drying Towel - 1000gsm
1x Lamb's Wool Wash Mitt
1x Wheel Brush

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