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Advanced Wash Kit

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Advanced Wash Kit

With winter seriously brewing and the harsh weather and salty roads reeking havoc on your vehicles paint, it's important to keep it regularly washed to prevent rust, corrosion and loss of shine.

We've put together this Advanced Wash Kit that contains everything you need for a deep and thorough clean of your car whilst adding ceramic protection directly through the wash stage.

This kit contains:
1x Ablution - Ceramic Shampoo 500ml
1x Cherry Bomb - Alloy Wheel Cleaner 500ml
1x Deep Freeze pH Neutral Snow Foam 1L
1x Hydro Barrier Ceramic Rinse Aid 1L
1x Universe All Purpose Cleaner 1L
1x Spark Road Grime Remover 1L
1x TARminate Glue & Tar Remover 500ml
1x Violet Storm - Iron Remover 500ml
1x Drying Towel - 1000gsm
1x Lamb's Wool Wash Mitt
1x Wheel Brush

What's included in this kit?


Spark Grime Remover, Deep Freeze Snow Foam & Universe All-Purpose-Cleaner

Prewashing helps remove the majority of caked on dirt prior to the contact wash stage with the mitt ensuring to reduce the likelihood of scratching and creating swirls. Absolutely necessary during winter months!


Cherry Bomb Wheel Cleaner (and Violet Storm for extra punch) & Wheel Brush

Being the closest thing to the road, splashing through grimy puddles, wheels need a powerful dedicated cleaner to get a nice thorough clean.

Wash (with added ceramic SiO2)

Ablution Ceramic Shampoo, Wash Mitt, Hydro-Barrier Ceramic Rinse Aid, Drying Towel.

Everything you need for a ceramic-fuelled contact wash (just add water and a bucket). It is important to add and maintain your protection on your paint. Ablution and Hydro barrier add a water repelling barrier to your vehicle directly in the wash stage, saving you time.


Violet Storm Iron Remover & TARminate Glue and Tar remover.

Finally, for a really thorough wash we've thrown in our two powerful decontamination products that remove Iron particles from the paint as well as glue and tar spots along the sides and rear of your car. The picture above shows the decontamination products reacting to the contaminants on a freshly washed car!

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