Lamb's Wool Wash Mitt
Lamb's Wool Wash Mitt

Lamb's Wool Wash Mitt

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A high quality, synthetic wool wash mitt that is perfect for safely washing your car. Our wash mitt has an elasticated cuff, combined an extremely fluffy, soft texture. It will glide effortlessly across your car, making it scratch free and safe to use on paintwork.

Product Features:
Fluffy and scratch free
- Elasticated cuff for a secure fit
- Easy to clean
- Durable and soft

Tips and Tricks:
When carrying out a contact wash on your vehicle, we advise that you use the two-bucket method to minimise any scratches and damage which may be caused during this stage. The two-bucket method is a rinse stage in-between shampoo application. Rinsing the mitt in a clean bucket of water: the ‘Rinse’ bucket, before putting it back into the ‘Wash’ bucket to continue washing. This removes any loose grit and grime  caught in the mitt helping you to prevent swirls and defects in your paintwork caused by contact washing.