Wedding Hire Mustang - Cleaning On The Go

Wedding Hire Mustang - Cleaning On The Go
We've all been in a rush. Having somewhere to be that's time sensitive, having to deal with traffic and other delays, theres simply not enough time in the day!
You probably are into your cars, or own a car that you regard as your pride and joy or else you probably won't be on our website. Us car lovers always like to keep our cars in a presentable way, but sometimes lack of time gets to the better of us and our cars are left in a bit of a poorly state. With bugs splatter, road grime and general dirt from driving through puddles.
The owner of this Mustang also has this problem. The car is used to chauffeur brides and families to and from weddings. With the Mustang its all about its brutish sharp lines and head turning looks, and as such it needs to be looking good. You wouldn't want a car you've paid good money to hire to be dirty in the background of all your wedding photos!
Though the Mustang is washed and cleaned before each job, sometimes it has to travel long distances through varying weather condisions and so when it arrives at the wedding house, it may not look quite as clean as it did when it left.
Therefore, the driver uses Insta Clean by The Urban Detailer to spray and wipe down the car, leaving it clean and fresh. The product is a spray and wipe waterless solution. It breaks down the light dirt, removing it from the paint surface allowing it to be removed in a single wipe. Insta Clean is infused with Carnauba Wax to ensure the car has a gleaming waxed finish, even when you're on the move.
It is essential to use a high quality microfibre cloth with a deep pile to minimse scratches and swirls on your car. We recommend the Streetwise Kit. It comes with the basic essentials to keep your car clean on the move.

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