The Birth of The Urban Detailer - Our History, Story and Passion!

The Birth of The Urban Detailer - Our History, Story and Passion!

As we all know, starting a new business and making a hopeful dream become a reality isn’t always as smooth sailing as those huge companies make it seem. That's why here at The Urban Detailer, we're passionate and dedicated enough to push for that success, and bring all you car enthusiasts along with us for the ride!

Our History

The History of The Urban Detailer… it all started out as a random heat of the moment thought at breakfast; after a long eventful night following a late night car meet.

The previous evening we had attended a local car meet, and whilst walking around and admiring the countless other car; we couldn't help but notice how spotlessly clean and well detailed all of the cars were! We even spotted a few enthusiasts detailing their cars for a shoot. This alone made us consider the whole idea of the detailing industry and the huge demand for these type of products within the car scene, I mean what car enthusiast doesn't have a boot full of cleaning products... right!? Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we know that driving a dirty car is a NO GO and absolutely nothing beats having a shiny, gleaming car!

Just seeing that enthusiasm from people who share our passion, really sparked our inspiration and kick started us off on this journey. 

Our Story

Our main idea was to create an urban themed brand to go hand in hand with the current car scene, we know you all love an urban themed backdrop/scenery when finding the best locations for photo shoots with your cars. - Just look at this photo! 😍

Instagram: @datguyinnit

So coming to the finalised designs of our brand wasn't easy! Focusing strictly on our theme and target audience, and by carrying out endless hours of brainstorming and market research we finally decided on what we think are the best bottles and triggers, as well as best design for the logo and labels (with some support and guidance from you guys on Instagram - much appreciated!).

Based solely on consumer usability and interest in mind - we think we've nailed it! 

Our Passion

Here at The Urban Detailer, our sole passion is to provide high quality detailing products and accessories to car enthusiasts who appreciate nothing more than to keep their vehicles shining and gleaming, no matter where they are. 

We've worked hard to make sure our products are quick and effective to use, so no matter how much time you have on your hands, you can still leave your vehicle looking like it has just rolled out of the showroom!

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  • RAY

    Hello UD,
    after reading the birth of UD I was wondering maybe in the near future doing competitions to win a boot bag with a car meet quick cleaners range eg quick detailer and tyre shine with some micro clothes, have the boot bag logo’d up and maybe kit deals that you can choose the bottles you want in a kit deal, maybe a members club that you pay a yearly fee and for your birthday you get a goodie box of gear, just some ideas to think about, but you definitely need to do some merchandise, car stickers, mugs, key rings, maybe one of them rear view mirror hanging notes saying not to clean the car as it’s been loved by UD or something like that, damn I could go on, sorry guys you are doing a great job. Thanks.

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