Streetwise Basic Waterless Wash Kit by The Urban Detailer
Urbanize  Carnauba Wax Quick Detailer by The Urban Detailer
Insta Clean Waterless Wash with Carnauba Wax by The Urban Detailer
Luxury Microfibre by The Urban Detailer


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A basic waterless kit, specifically put together to be quick and easy to use. Perfect for use on the go, anytime, anywhere, keeping your vehicle at its best in any urban environment.

1x Insta Clean - Waterless Carnauba Wash 500ml  -
RRP.  £9.95.
Insta Clean is a 2 in 1 solution that effortlessly cleans with just a simple spray and wipe. It is infused with Carnauba wax to leave a shiny, high gloss finish that repels water. Insta clean brings a whole new meaning to quick and effective cleaning, applicable anytime, anywhere without the need for a bucket and water source.

1x Urbanize - Quick Detailer 500ml - RRP.  £8.95
Urbanize is a quick and easy to use detailing spray infused with carnauba wax, for that gloss enhancing shine. It makes light work of watermarks, fingerprints and other light contaminants which may be left after the washing stage. Urbanize can be used as a maintenance product on the go, anytime, anywhere, keeping your vehicle at its best in any urban environment.

1x Plush Microfibre Cloth 40cm x 40cm, 450g/m² - RRP.  £3.45.
Our Plush Microfibre Cloth is an extremely high quality cloth used for both buffing and drying. With deep plush fibres on one side and a shorter pile on the other, it makes this cloth a very versatile tool in a detailer's arsenal.

1x Luxury Microfibre Cloth - 40cm x 40cm 300g/m²  - RRP.  £1.95
The Luxury Microfibre Cloth is an essential multipurpose cloth. It's great for applying detailers and waxes as well as buffing to reveal a shine. It truly is an essential piece of kit that no detailer can go without. 

Total Kit Value: £24.30