Gloss Armour 500ml
Gloss Armour 500ml

Gloss Armour 500ml

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Gloss Armour Ceramic Detailer, part of the Bonded-Barrier Series is a quick detailer infused with an enhanced SiO2 ceramic formula.

Gloss Armour creates a glossy hydrophobic barrier that shields your paintwork from daily road grime, rain, bugs and other contaminants; It can also be used as a highly effective spray sealant. Perfect for protecting your vehicle from the elements after the washing stage.

Directions for use:

  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Working on one panel at a time, spray a light mist to the area.
  3. Spread and work in with the thin pile side of a Plush Microfibre Cloth.
  4. Flip the cloth to the thicker pile side, and buff to unleash that high gloss shine.

Top Tips: Gloss Armour is safe to use on the entire vehicle including rubbers, alloys, plastics and glass.

**Part of the Bonded-Barrier Series**