Deep Cleanse Wash Kit by The Urban Detailer
Deep Cleanse
Deep Cleanse
Deep Cleanse
Deep Cleanse
Deep Cleanse
Deep Cleanse
Deep Cleanse

Deep Cleanse

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The Ultimate Wash Kit, Deep Cleanse is the perfect kit if you are after a full cleansing/protection wash. Combined our ceramic shampoo, Ablution: Part of our Bonded-Barrier Series, this kit has everything you need to deep clean your vehicle as well as add vital layers of ceramic protection.

This kit contains:
1x Cherry Bomb - Alloy wheel Cleaner 500ml 
Cherry Bomb is a fast-acting wheel cleaner. It breaks down the toughest of dirt, restoring those killer wheels back to their former glory. It’s perfect for use on all types of lacquered or painted alloy wheels.

1 x Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner 500ml 
Crystal Clear is a highly effective, streak-free window cleaner. The solution is carefully formulated to be kind on all types of glass and mirrored surfaces resulting in a perfect crystal-clear finish, without leaving residue.

1x Urbanize - Quick Detailer 500ml
Urbanize is a quick and easy to use detailing spray infused with carnauba wax, for that gloss enhancing shine. It makes light work of watermarks, fingerprints and other light contaminants which may be left after the washing stage. Urbanize can be used as a maintenance product on the go, anytime, anywhere, keeping your vehicle at its best in any urban environment.

1x Ablution Ceramic Suds Shampoo 500ml 
Ablution Ceramic Suds Shampoo, part of our Bonded-Barrier Series is a shampoo that’s tough on dirt and grime whilst being gentle on wax and sealants. Ablution, with an enhanced SiO2 ceramic formula will bond with the surface of your vehicle creating a slick, hydrophobic protective layer.

1x Hydro-Barrier Hydrophobic Rinse Aid 1L 
Hydro-Barrier, part of the Bonded-Barrier series improves vehicle drying speeds. By adding a layer of SiO2 to all exterior surfaces from paintwork to trim and even glass, Hydro-Barrier will create stunning beading, easier drying and a deep shine. A single application will provide results for up to 2 months.

1x Deep Freeze pH Neutral Snow Foam 500ml
Deep Freeze is a pH Neutral Snow Foam and an extremely powerful pre-wash solution. It loosens and removes traffic film, road grime, grease and oil prior to the contact wash. Without this stage, contaminants may be dragged across the paint causing scratches and swirl marks.

1x Vitalize – Interior Detailer 500ml
Vitalize is an interior cleaner and dresser, perfect for all interior surfaces. It not only cleans the surfaces but also leaves your interior feeling fresh and silky smooth with a satin shine. Vitalize is extremely quick and easy to apply, simply spray and wipe.

1x Drying Towel – 60cm x 60cm / 1000 GSM
A large high quality, highly absorbent towel. Making it perfect for drying your entire vehicle quickly and with ease. 60cm wide by 60cm long and 1000g/m² deep with a silk band; this towel will rapidly absorb any sitting water safely, leaving your paintwork swirl free. 

1x Wash Mitt Synthetic Lambs Wool Wash Mitt
A high quality, synthetic wool wash mitt that is perfect for safely washing your car. Our wash mitt has an elasticated cuff, combined an extremely fluffy, soft texture. It will glide effortlessly across your car, making it scratch free and safe to use on paintwork.

1x Fish scale Cloth - Glass Cloth 40cm x 40cm / 300 GSM
The Fish scale glass cloth is an ultrasonic edgeless microfibre. With its deep plush fibres on both sides, it's the perfect scratch free cloth for use on your vehicle. This high quality microfibre is essential for your urban detailing duties such as wiping down, polishing and buffing. 

2x Luxury Microfibre Cloth 40cm x 40cm / 300 GSM
The Luxury Microfibre Cloth is an essential multipurpose cloth. It's great for applying detailers and waxes as well as buffing to reveal a shine. It truly is an essential piece of kit that no detailer can go without. 

1x Plush Microfibre Cloth 40cm x 40cm / 450 GSM 
Our Plush Microfibre Cloth is an extremely high-quality cloth used for both buffing and drying. With deep plush fibres on one side and a shorter pile on the other, it makes this cloth a very versatile tool in a detailer's arsenal.