Interior Kit by The Urban Detailer
Interior Kit by The Urban Detailer
Interior Kit by The Urban Detailer
Interior Kit by The Urban Detailer
Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner, part of the Interior Kit by The Urban Detailer

Interior Kit

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There is a lot of emphasis on cleaning the exterior of your car and getting that perfect shine. However, you spend the majority of your time inside your car, looking at your interior.

The Interior Kit is the perfect solution to clean, renew and protect your interior surfaces, leaving you with a factory-fresh finish and an aromatic pair of scents.

Step 1: Clean & Treat with INDULGE

Overtime leather and cloth interior such as your seats, armrests and carpets gather and accumulate dirt leading to a discolouration and on 'old' look. Indulge effortlessly removes built up dirt, stains and other contaminants from leather, carpets, fabric and upholstery, renewing your interior.

Indulge works as a 2-in-1 solution for leather - by both cleaning and conditioning. By replensishing the natural oils and moisture in your leather, it helps maintain a resistance to surface cracking and wear - keeping your leather looking newer for longer.


  • Safely clean leather and fabric surfaces.
  • Improve the durability of leather by treating and conditioning with oils.
  • Leaves your interior with a beautiful lingering caramel scent.

Step 2: Dress with VITALIZE.

Your dashboard and other plastics within your interior can dry out in the sun and become slightly discoloured. Bring back life to your interior with Vitalize.

Vitalize is an interior cleaner and dresser, perfect for all interior surfaces such as the dashboard and door cards. It not only cleans the surfaces but also leaves your interior feeling fresh, brings back colour and leaves a satin shine - that of a brand new car rolling straight off the showroom floor. It also leaves a static anti-dust effect, repelling dust particles from settling as easily on your dashboard. Vitalize is extremely quick and easy to apply, simply spray and wipe.


  • Clean and dress your dashboard and other interior plastics at once.
  • Bring back a showroom satin finish.
  • Leaves static anti-dust properties to repel dust particles.

Step 3: Clean with CRYSTAL CLEAR

With clean and treated leather & upholstery, dressed dash and plastics, the final touch to your interior clean are your windows. Since your cabin is surrounded by glass in all directions and you're constantly looking through them, it is essential to have clean, clear, smear-free glass.

Crystal Clear is a highly effective, streak-free window cleaner. The solution is carefully formulated to be kind on all types of glass and mirrored surfaces. With a premium mist spray trigger, crystal clear cleans and begins to evaporate on impact resulting in a perfect streak-free finish. 


  • Clear your vision with the powerful cleaning solution.
  • Streak-free finish with evaporating liquid.
  • Clean stubborn dirt with the fishscale glass cloth.

Fishscale Glass Cloth

The Fish scale glass cloth reduces streaks due to it's super absorbency. It is also weaved in a way which makes it more aggressive than standard cloths, providing a better cleaning action. However, these cloths are still super soft so will not damage or scratch your glass

Luxury Microfibre Cloth
The Luxury Microfibre Cloth is an essential multipurpose cloth. It's great for applying detailers and waxes as well as buffing to reveal a shine. It truly is an essential piece of kit that no detailer can go without. 

This kit contains:

1x Vitalize – Interior Detailer 500ml – RRP. £8.95
1x Indulge – Leather & Upholstery Cleaner 500ml – RRP. £8.95
1x Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner 500ml - RRP.  £7.95.
1x Fishscale Glass Cloth - Glass Cloth 40cm x 40cm / 300 GSM - RRP.  £2.95
1x Luxury Microfibre Cloth 40cm x 40cm / 300 GSM - RRP.  £1.95.

(RRP) Total Kit Value: £30.75